Many high school students dream of becoming journalists. Until the recent shift in many high school program it was a difficult task to manage. Now a person can occupy himself/herself with studying journalism and broadcasting on a high school level, and tread the path to becoming a prominent future journalist. Many people seek publicity nowadays. Being a journalist, a person has great chance to make a name for him/her.

A person must possess the following qualities to become a great journalist:

1.Social activity. It is important to interact with people. Failing to be friendly and talkative may lead to failure of being a journalist. A person is to collect interviews, hold conversations with different people, analyze the concepts of their behavior and actions, makes ones own conclusions and be able to provide full array of the events happening in public.

2.Great memory skills are required. Working in the sphere of journalism just like working in the sphere of computer science, a person is required to keep in mind a great range of topics and facts dedicated to these topics. Omitting any insignificant detail may cause a report, an article, or an interview to seem boring and unattractive. This is not the biggest problem of failure to keep the details of an article in ones memory. The gravest issue is to misinterpret the information and provide ones readers with wrong statements and facts supporting these statements. The so-called false journalism appears to be an issue nowadays.

3.Omitting being a yellow-press writer. A real journalist and a yellow-press journalist are two different types of people. A real journalist supplies his/her readers with true and real facts, happening in public at large. A yellow-press journalist bases his/her opinions on ones own opinions, biases and prejudices. Pretty often yellow-press articles appear to be insulting and offensive to certain readers and lead to the authors lay-off.

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