You have just come to a new city with new neighbour, and new friends, new classmate. You don’t know how to get aquainted with them? This story below will tell you how to overcome this difficult periodthrough high school locker.


I was the new kid in town—we’d just moved from Bemidji that summer—and I was also the new kid in a new school. That first day I was terrified. I’d always hated the first day of school; doesn’t every teenager? But I was sure that this year would be the worst.


I didn’t know a soul, but I soon found my locker and latched onto my notebook. During the school orientation, I made sure that I knew where to find my locker. Knowing that is always reassuring. Then I made sure I learned my class schedule. That way, I wouldn’t have to talk to anyone I didn’t know, and I didn’t know anyone.


I peered around my locker door, took a deep breath, and closed the door silently as first bell rang. My heart was in my mouth as I made for the stairs, trying to disappear and remain invisible. I hated feeling like that .


And then on the stairway I saw Rebecca, coming down as I was going up. Our eyes locked. I looked away quickly. But before I could stop myself, I looked back at her. She smiled and told me she would meet me at my locker after class. And from that moment, everything changed.


My high school locker became a place to meet and make new friends between classes and after school. By ones and twos, my group of new friends grew into my teen social network. And it’s still growing, even though we’re no longer going to the same school or even living in the same town.


We still keep in touch. We still share stuff: music, pictures, video. But now we stay connected online. And Spacelocker gives us the social organizer that makes it easy.


Meet Me at My Locker. A place to meet Spacelocker Friends.

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