A Council of Higher Secondary Education (CHSE) has been served a bad surprise at the Department of Higher Education. Three days after CHSE announced the schedule of higher secondary (HS) examination 2012; the Department published the notice for online form filling, prompting a debate on autonomy.

On 14th November, the Council was informed of all the principals, headmasters and forms manual guidelines for the performance of 28th November.

Three days later, the Ministry of Higher Education published a notice of the cancellation of the notice of CHSE asking the latter to follow the instructions. “The Department has simplified the process activities related to filling the online form,” he said. The government had approved the same, he said.

Interestingly, a day after the CHSE announced schedule, the Department conducted a review meeting in CHSE automation and Student Academic Management System (SAMS), where the introduction of form filling on-line annual review proposed. Under the SAMS, only e-admission to Plus Two and Plus Three schools are in progress.

When the Department of CHSE convey his decision, it has released a new statement on 20thNovember, the details of the timetable for fresh students leave the university, and a little ‘confused. The new program will begin in December.

Less than an online system, applicants must submit their forms of higher education which is then used Sams E-space to check the background of the candidates.

PEOPLE cry foul: The change of schedule, the Institute has in the meantime left the employees CHSE outraged.

Employees, according to these sources, killed by a memorandum to the President that the action was to replace the Department autonomous body.

“An important feature is CHSE do an annual review. If the Department of Higher Education on it, the powers of a violation,” the sources said, adding the new system offers new methods, whose employees are not aware.

The Department of Higher Education, on the other hand, said that there was a bit ‘of confusion, which led to this situation. “It ‘has already been decided that the online form to fill out an annual audit will begin next year (2011-12), second-year students, but it is mixed with CHSE students access to this academic year that is intended to apply to appear on the review during 2012-13. The issue is now resolved, “The Director, Higher Education, BP, Nanda said.

The new online system, he said, clean the candidates on these issues and falsification after enrollment by bribing employees CHSE. Since then, the Department has established a database of students enrolled in the CHSE, once the application arrives, the two can be combined.

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At the same time, CHSE has decided that the automation of his work has improved significantly over the next year, and it will take the online form you fill with air, depending on the OCAC Sams does not work in the plant.


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