In Western European countries the teacher education began in the beginning of 18th century in Germany. It was represented in the form of seminars which prepared teacher for teaching. The first teacher training college was created in 18th century in France by Roman Catholic monk Jean Baptiste de la Salle. His colleagues from Christian schools were teaching children from poor families. They were an order of non-clerical male teachers. And it was the first example of secular teacher raining college. Before teacher education was clerical.

With time certain requirements to teachers were set up such as understanding of human mind, knowledge of science and art, knowledge of teaching principles, methods and approaches. Later these requirements became a norm for teacher education. Also at that time the system of teacher education began to form.  Such elements as certification of teachers, possibility to improve and develop knowledge for professional growth, exchange ideas between teachers during special seminars and many other things were introduced and adopted. It is possible to say that uniform system of education was established in many European countries.

In Great Britain and in the USA there wasn’t system of teacher education, but there was a certification of teachers, it was introduced by Queen Elizabeth I. In England the history of teacher education begins in 19th century with help of Joseph Lancaster and Andrew Bell. In Scotland in second part of 19th century in Glasgow Normal Seminary for Teachers were opened by David Stowe. In the USA Horace Mann created Normal Schools in Massachusetts.

Important contribution to the development of teacher education and teacher training was done by Sweden citizen Pestalozzi. He supported formal teacher training colleges.

German concept of teacher training is based of works of Derwent Coleridge and James Kay Shuttleworth. It was recognized that in the process of teaching not only material is important, but way of teaching also.

By the 19th century teacher training and education was formed in France and Russia and Japan.

As for formal teacher education and training, process of its establishments began in Scotland with the creation of University of Edinburgh.

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