Isn’t it strange how things in life can change right before our very eyes and we don’t notice it happening?

Once upon a time,families would all eat together formally, sitting around a dining table, musing over the day’s events and sharing stories. They would then retire to the lounge or living room to watch programmes together on the one TV in the household.

Sometime later, although meals were still taken as a family, it was now popular to eat casually at the kitchen table. A practical move as tidying up was easier. Installing a second television in the kitchen added to the entertainment. The dining room was now kept for high days, holidays and dinner parties.

The television became all consuming with programmes not to be missed at any cost. Meals on laps became the favorite way to eat, either when watching in the lounge or in individual bedrooms as most now had a portable television . Family banter was fast becoming history.

Before long, most households had acquiesed and bought a PC and the home office was born. The internet had grown immensely in popularity and everyone wanted to be involved in the revolution. The PC became an indispensable piece of equipment. So ideally suited for administrative purposes, that many found that they were able to work from home, either in their existing roles or by starting new web based companies.

With the advent of social networking sites, along with the ever increasing array of games available that could be played on the PC, the home office had become the new family living room. A place for learning, fun, and entertainment.

Families once again gather together, this time around computers and share the stories of their day as they play a game, listen to music, or watch a movie.

Might now be a good time to make the office a little more homely and comfortable? What about a new office desk or workstation? In addition, some new, comfortable chairs would be much appreciated by all, along with a squishy sofa on which to lounge.

No longer just a place for hard business, the home office is now the hub of family life.

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