Being a single mom is difficult and often financially trying. Home ownership seems very out of reach for many single moms. Rest assured, however, if you are a single mother, there is help available to you that can make buying a home a reality. This help is found in the form of government grants and/or other programs that will assist a single mother in securing an affordable home loan.

One great organization is Habitat for Humanity. They provide quality housing and home ownership to deserving people. The program allows you and those around you to work on the actual building of your house in exchange for owing less money on it when it’s completed. Habitat for Humanity looks for hard working single mothers to help, and if you are one you stand an excellent chance of participating in the program.

An organization called Ameridream offers help on the most difficult part of home ownership, the down payment. Making ends meet is hard enough for most single moms and saving enough for a down payment on a home is almost impossible. That’s where Ameridream comes in. Often your mortgage would not be any greater than the amount of rent you pay every month, just getting the down payment together is what holds you back from buying a house.

There are many government grants out there that will help you buy a house. Visit for a list of all of them. While they do not handle personal grants, they do offer many housing grants and can also send you to the right place to find others that may fit your needs and profile.

Finding a good grant writer to work for you is an excellent way to obtain a grant. A grant writer is a person who goes out and obtains grants for their clients. Many grant writers have programs in place that allows them to do work for a single mother without charging her. You could have your own personal government grant expert working for you without pay, if you meet the criteria.

There are MANY creative loan programs and grants out there that can help many single moms greatly improve their situation. Review the Online Home Loan Directory for more information.

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