Some single parents tend to experience a number of challenges, considering that they have to bring in the cash flow to the house and have a child to take care of at the same time. There is often hardly anyone to talk to and look for support, not to mention that the social life is figuratively down the bogs. And when most single parents choose to home school their wards, the odds faced are quite considerable. However, homeschooling does seem to be a feasible choice as most private schools are unaffordable due to its high expense.

Nevertheless there are many parents who have managed to cope with and keep up with academic standards and beyond by homeschooling their wards. Not only do they harbor and support good learning but they also give their wards a zest for knowledge and teach good family values along with the many subjects. Many homeschooled children have over the years proved that they have higher level of knowledge when compared to their peers and have often done well on the standardized tests.

In case you are single parent and are considering homeschooling your ward, then the suggestions mentioned below may come in handy

Time management is the key to the success of a homeschooling initiative. If you are a single parent, with good time management and organization, you would be able to devote the much needed attention that your child needs to learn and keep up with the tutelage. You would find that where you initially thought that time would be against you, there is a good chance that you might be surprised. See, in the school system model of 6-8 hours, there are breaks between the classes, gym time, lunch recess and other lengths of time where the child is idle. A good effort to make each moment count is the best method of a successful home schooling schedule. But make sure not to bog down the child with too much responsibility.

There is a good chance that you can keep up with your work while catching up to the needs of your ward through homeschooling. Public schools have to follow government holidays, weekends and seasonal vacations which do not apply to homeschooling. You can make most of these days and more. However, it is best not to persist and make sure that the child gets enough time to play and relax. Mix foreign languages, art and music(if you know how to play an instrument or two) during study hours to help your child relaxed or you can even encourage a reading hour where you and your ward can take up a good book and enjoy together. Classics like a Tale of two cities, Tom Sawyer and Huckleberry Finn make for a good read which is enjoyable for both parents and child

Most of the subjects can be negotiated by you alone. However, you might need a tutor for specialized subjects which are needed in the stages of higher learning. This might cost a bit, but do understand that it is a lot less as compared to the schooling system costs.

Zara Jones is a part time teacher in Florida. Check out these great Pros And Cons Of Homeschooling resources and articles or some great guides and resources about the whole Home Education experience.

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