Hope in God’s Mercy: Never To Be Lost


Even though the three monotheistic religions threaten great chastisement for the disbelievers in God and their horrible agony in the Hereafter, forced to suffer in eternal blazing hell fire where they taste neither life nor death, the mercy of God is always open for those who repent and believe in Him.

Atheists, agnostics, skeptics, those in doubt, suspicious, disbelievers, hypocrites of God, associaters, idolaters, blasphemers, those who believe in Christ as God, or son of God, those who believe in the trinity, those who do not in God’s angels, God’s messages, God’s messengers, the day of judgment: all are promised hell fire to abide therein for ever.

The three books of religion threaten disbelievers in their messages to be thrown in Hell fire. God promises those a horrible doom, where they shall never be saved and shall abide therein for ever and the curse of God shall be upon them.

But the three Books, namely the Torah, the Gospel and the Qur’an are very clear on the destiny of these people.

The logic of religion is that God has created humans and has given them a life time to look into the universe and make their choice to believe or disbelieve conclude the existence of a God All Almighty who has created everything.

Man is given brain to think and the freedom of choice to decide whether to believe or to disbelieve.

The cornerstone of the religious argument is that man, if he rightly thinks he, is bound to find God.

Although religion thesis asserts the certainty of the existence of God for no other thing can explain this universe and no other thing can create life and death at a perfection like God, religion does not offer proof for the existence of God.

It is entirely the responsibility of man himself to look into the universe and himself and conclude the existence of God, then having acknowledged His existence, man ought to submit himself unto God, worship Him, serve Him and obey Him.

No one proof or disproof for the existence of God is permitted for man.

Thus man is charged with the responsibility to make his own convictions and figure out the plausibility of the existence of God.

Being so evident for those ‘who have minds to understand’ and ‘hearts to comprehend’ man can easily accomplish belief.

The greatest stake that man undergoes is that if he chooses to reject the religious argument , God promises this rejecter Hell fire for he missed out on the most evident thing for the natural impulse of the mind, should the mind’s impulse be not impeded by man’s own evil and the temptations of the worldly life.

The three religions namely , Judaism, Christianity and Islam offers man the chance to decide for oneself his own destiny.

The invitation is simple, unambiguous and direct for those whose hearts are open and their minds seek the truth. Man closes his mind and becomes intentionally blind for one reason or another.

He shuts his heart to what is most evident, for this universe needs a creator, an All Powerful architect; life manifestations need a designer, everything needs a creator Maker.

Those who disbelieve! Why dont you open your minds’ eye? 

The mercy of God is never to be lost!

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