Getting trained to be a CNA for free can be quite handy when looking for a job and when money is tight. There are actually hospitals that offer training in exchange for volunteer work throughout training. Some offer you a work contract that needs to be accomplished based on a pre-establish time frame right after training ends.

Not all hospitals offer CNA training. For those who seriously wish to benefit from that type of training, you need to do a little research and find places where those types of training classes are held. It might be less difficult to look for this sort of training in daycare centers or long term nursing home facilities but there are tons of hospitals that offer it as well. Here are a few ideas you can easily use to find hospitals that provide free CNA training.

Search for nearby hospital telephone numbers and give them a call to ask if they are offering CNA training. If they say they currently do not offer that kind of training than ask if they know a hospital that does. Maybe you are lucky enough to find the information you’re looking for.

Call community colleges and ask if they have contracts with any hospitals that give free training to students. Some hospitals offer colleges as well as other educational institutions, free CNA training in exchange for volunteer work or maybe a work contract for a specific amount of time.

A trip to the State Board of Nursing is an excellent way to get information about approved CNA training programs. Contact the hospitals mentioned on the given information and ask for specifics regarding the training. If the hospital you speak to doesn’t have the training, always remember to ask if they know any that do.

Ask nurses and CNAs you might know if the hospitals where they work offers CNA training. Sometimes knowing an employee at the hospital makes it easier to enter into the certification process.

Friends may also be a good source of information. Friends of friends can be a good resource too. Someone will for sure know of at least one hospital that provides CNA training.

Look at newspaper ads of hospitals asking for Certified Nurse Assistants in exchange for Cna training. This usually occurs during specific times of the season when extra hospital assistance is necessary as a result of an increase in seasonal illnesses and conditions.

Keep in mind that hospital CNA training is more intensive and demanding than regular training programs. However, the training done in a hospital is much more gratifying because it gives the Nurse Assistant a higher level of know-how. Going through the training in a hospital is usually associated with a future work contract that can’t be ignored following completion of the training. This may be appealing when an individual wants a steady job after training completes.

In general it is worth the time spent in the CNA training program. A Certified Nurse Assistant should have quite a few employment opportunities since modern society is getting very demanding concerning looking after patients. Hospitals are always fully booked with patients and help will always be needed.

So you now know the steps you’ll want to take to find hospitals that offer CNA training . Now it’s time to discover more about exactly what you’ll be doing during your training at

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