HOUSING term, referring to the financial mechanism to someone who has the right to live in a house or an apartment, Lease tenant rental housing with the conditions of the rental guarantee is the most common agreement HOUSING. This means that the owner has paid the monthly rent in exchange for the right to live on the premises.

There are several different types of tenure, Included in this are: rent, owner occupancy, occupation, diet cooperative, condominium, trust land and public housing. There are also two varieties of tenure: timeshares and cohousing, People living in the timeshare in large part during the holidays. Are almost always short-term changes of cooperatives, condominiums and apartments? Cohousing refers to a situation of life where neighbors share common spaces such as kitchens and playgrounds.

The host can be an individual, a company housing nonprofit or public body as is the case with public housing, The owner of the house and property, as is also the head of the property in the form of tenure known as owner-occupation. For the lease, the owner of a building or the right to occupy an apartment lease to a tenant. With a type of cooperative housing tenure, persons may occupy a particular apartment, but not limited to its owner. With cooperatives and a homeowners association, “says the possession of the entire building or complex.

Condominiums mean that possession of an apartment or a house in common places such as hallways, heating system, elevators and exterior home owners association for prisoners’, The charges for the month condominium apartment owners to maintain common areas. The Council may also act as a landlord, such as social housing, where housing is available, free or subsidized, as an alternative to corporate housing can hold office in March of trust, which offers privacy and property due to legality, Since squatting: the profession without the consent of the landowner is the poorest of all forms of tenure housing.

Experts and professionals use the term for possession of identifying the different types of housing. Differentiate between types of housing, although in some cases, the physical type can be a criterion is still dependent on many aspects of detention or holding.

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