The most common thing around the globe, they say, are engineers. Many students pursue engineering and successfully complete it. The demand for good engineers is high in any money-making sector. The knowledge and ideas that an engineer carries is immensely respected by all. However, only the good and true engineers that are offered excellent opportunities in today’s market. The rest, as we know, either settle for a low-paying job, change their field or stay unemployed.

The second most common thing around the globe, as they say, are unhappy engineers. The secret to be a good engineer is not marks/grades alone, but the aptitude and intellect of an engineer should also be very promising. Although, there are always other factors that leads to the production of such unsuccessful engineers, one cannot write off the incapability and misconduct of most engineers themselves.

An engineer is supposedly loaded with massive knowledge and trained to implement it in the real world. And although, there are millions with this respected degree, only some truly deserve it. A good engineer should have practical sense of thinking. Solving a numerical on paper and coming up with real solutions for an organization are two very different tasks. The composure and focus required to be a good engineer is also very critical. An engineer should learn to develop an subject-oriented intellect to put his knowledge to good use.

The fact, that many pursue an engineering course only out of parental pressure, herd mentality or mere foolishness, is known to all. Such engineers are the lone sufferers to their decisions and often fail to bring their now-not-so elite degree to use. The course and profession of engineering needs much more than just heavy marks to survive, it needs a sincere interest and true passion.

Many engineers claim that to get an engineering degree is a tough task and that finding a good engineering job is even tougher. But what these cribbing conventional people forget is that an engineer is expected to have a core knowledge and basic understanding of his subject, which unfortunately many of them lack.

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