Launching a winning career in IT requires a thorough training program in a specialised field of IT. Besides the conventional technical training, professional grooming is equally important to fit themselves in various companies after course completion. Today in India, IT education offers additional certification and career development programs to ensure that students do not lack anything in their professional lives. For students, it is a win-win situation to acquire technical knowledge along with professional skills during their training period.
In the following paragraphs, let us discuss about the current position of IT education in India along with the benefits of undergoing IT training in the country.
What is the current position of IT education in India?
IT education in India is presently escalating towards new heights. IT students at present avail of various technical and industry oriented methods of IT training which help them to easily explore their skills right from day one of their professional lives. Such landmark in IT education in India in turn indicates the countrys advancement in IT and telecom sectors. IT sector has been proven to be one of the job assuring sectors in todays world. Hence, students consider IT education as an ideal choice to launch a successful career for which they enroll at various IT training centers for customised IT training programs.
A customised IT training program aims at empowering students to launch a rewarding career in IT and telecom field. Customised IT trainings are imparted in the top or best computer training centers. The best IT institute in India offers structured courses which train students for the right IT knowledge through proven tools and techniques. The best IT institute in India also indulges in curriculum mapping to internationally recognised certifications such as MCSE, RHCE, CCNA etc.
Is IT education in India advantageous?
To put it black and white, IT education in India is affordable and yet provides a global standard of education. The tools, techniques and methodologies of training are continuously updated accordingly with the changing requirement of time and trends in the market place. Training programs in reputed IT institutes are provided by industry experts whose experiences in IT sector have stood the test of time. Renowned IT training centers also facilitate its students with hands on experience on latest technologies besides providing state of the art live IT infrastructure.
To have a broadened view about the advantages of undergoing IT education in India, have a look at some career-oriented additional facilities provided in reputed IT institutes in India-
Industrial Training in India- Industrial Training in India provides students industry knowledge and exposure which they have to compulsorily face after their training programs. Students avail facilities for industrial training in India only at the top computer training centers.
Institutional alliances- Another additional benefit of undergoing IT study from a reputed IT institute is institutional alliances. Facilitating students with hands on practical knowledge about organizations, institutional alliances bridge the gap between industries and academies thereby promoting practical education in IT field.
Prometric Exam Center- Prometric is one of the important exams in IT sector. Not every IT institute is accredited as a prometric exam center. Any IT institute which is recognized as a prometric exam center is worth to take admission because only the top computer institutes are recognised as prometric exam centers. Mediocre or average IT training institutes do not hold this badge.
IBM Certification in India- Students who acquire IBM certificate earn substantially higher salaries than non-certified students. IBM certificate validates skills of the students and also demonstrates their ability in a specified level of competition in their career path.
MCTS in India-Students who acquire MCTS in India get access to exclusive Microsoft and related resources which is beneficial for shaping their career track. These students also gain advanced and industry relevant IT skills.
Red Hat Certification in India- Red Hat Certificates are indisputably regarded as the best in Linux according to the IT experts. Acquiring Red Hat Certification in India is a badge of excellence for an IT student in his specialised field of IT training.

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