An obvious thing for prospective nursing students to inquire about is “How long to become a Registered Nurse?” The exact response obviously is dependent upon the level of nursing degree you happen to be going after, in addition to whether or not you are planning to study as a full-time pupil.


Generally Speaking, How Long Does it Take to Become a Nurse?

If someone is going to be a full-time university student, the classes needed for almost all nursing degrees is anywhere between two years and six years. A quick review of the exact time needed for each degree or certificate, as well as strategies for completing the programs sooner, is found below.


Licensed Vocational Nursing Accreditations

For those who would like to be a Licensed Vocational Nurse in California, the necessary schooling may be finished in as little as one year sometimes. It must be brought up, nevertheless, that LVNs are usually presented certifications rather than degrees and carry lesser earning possibilities as a consequence. Nevertheless, a result of the lower educational prerequisites and possibility to start work sooner, many people become LVNs first and later enroll in LVN to BSN or LVN to RN programs.


Registered Nurse Degrees

The average time required to complete most RN programs in California is about two years.

One of many fastest and most-common routes to earning a Registered Nurse degree is to enroll in a two-year course at one of the state’s accredited community colleges, and then sit for the NCLEX-RN exam with its completion. Most students consider this approach to be extremely convenient and inexpensive.


BSN Degree

Getting a BSN (Bachelor of Science in Nursing) degree demands an average of four years of school. This may be done all at once at any approved nursing college, or via an accelerated, two-year program if the student has recently earned a Registered Nurse degree or vocational nursing qualification.


Master of Science in Nursing Degree

Generally, college students who would like to acquire a high-level degree  (MSN) will need to invest a total of six years to school. Like every other master’s degree, getting an Master of Science in Nursing demands the person to finish a BSN degree and then invest an additional two years to studying for the master’s.


How Long is Nursing School for Part-Time College Students?

The above mentioned time frames are regarding full-time pupils. As one may well guess, part-time pupils should be ready to spend a lot more time completing their degrees.

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