Salary is a significant part of any career decisions, including a medical career. Obviously, there are many other things out there to consider and money is not everything. However, let’s be real – it is very important.

There are several things that factor into medical assistant wages. The top determining factors for medical assistant pay include medical assistant certification. How much education and how much experience you have are also important. Lastly, the industry and area of specialty are vital. This means are you working in a plastic surgeon’s office or in a public health clinic?

So what you can you do to ensure you get a medical assistant job with the highest medical assisting salary? One of the biggest things you can do is go to medical assistant school.

This phrase is a little deceptive, as there are not really schools made just for this industry. However, there are medical assistant programs that will enable you to become certified. Once you are certified then you will have an easier time finding employment and will be more competitive, according to salary surveys.

The certification process offers invaluable training and experience. Just to get your certificate you must have a certain amount of hands on experience. So all of the certification programs include periods of time where you are actually working in the health field.

In this economy, it is so important to do whatever you can to have a competitive edge in the job market. In order to ensure that you are going to make the most money you can in a certain position, you must do all you can to get the most education and experience to put on your resume.

The first thing you have to do is choose which type of certification you want to go for.

Then, check out their requirements for the certification. It is important that you make sure the school you enroll in is accredited by the certification institution. Otherwise, you will waste your time and not get the certificate. It is the certification that is valuable, not just taking the classes.

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