The courts of the State of Michigan have become very complex and you might find it very difficult to find your way through the system without the assistance of a Michigan lawyer.  Of course the judges of the courts understand your reasons for attempting to represent yourself, but doing this without the help of someone who got a special legal training can cause delays in the resolution of your case. Comitting a very small error in the procedure can create damage to the outcome of the case. In many cases, to protect your rights, seeking the services of a lawyer with retainer or a no fees lawyer is the best option.

The cost of Michigan lawyers can vary substantially, depending on the case and on the attorney’s charging rates. There are types of cases that are more costly to litigate.  As an example, hiring a lawyer to fight a criminal charge can cost you more than having a lawyer to fight a simple traffic ticket.  Additionally, different lawyers, with the exception of no fees lawyers, charge different rates.  What is important to remember is that the best lawyers do not charge the lowest rates, but they do not cost the most.

If you are in need of an attorney to represent your interests in the court of Michigan and you would like to determine how much he or she will cost, the best way is to ask. Most Michigan lawyers require that they know first the facts about your case, so if you call an attorney and ask how much he will charge; it is very unlikely that you will get a quote on a retainer.  A “retainer” is not the total attorney’s fee. Some retainers are quoted according to the lawyer’s estimate of what the case will cost.  Other retainers are quoted very low by the lawyer, to get the client hire to him/her, and then charge the client later for additional work.  The no fees lawyer does not have retainer fees.

 Personal injury cases are types of civil suits that are commonly taken by Michigan lawyers on a contingency basis. It means you are not required to pay the lawyer upfront, rather pay him only when he becomes successful to recover money for you. When you lose the case, the contingency basis does not make you entirely free to pay certain amounts, because there are legal costs involved in litigation. You will be obligated to repay these costs even if you do not win your case. The standard contingency fee for a personal injury case in Michigan is 1/3 of the total recovery. This contingency basis does not apply to the no fees lawyer.

Many Michigan lawyers accept cases on a “pro bono” or no fee basis.  We call these lawyers no fees lawyers.  If your case is of particular interest to the attorney, and the issues involved is of great significance to the public interest, he will represent your case without charging you a fee. Because of this, many requests are filed for pro bono work and attorneys can accept only a few of them.  “Pro bono” is a short term for “pro bono publico”, or “for the public good”.

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