Social Networking is a great medium for making money. Millions of people are using Myspace and Facebook right now. Many teens have many thousands of friends. Having thousands of people look at your affiliate link will earn a good amount of money. All that is needed is a site that earns a certain amount of money per referral and a Myspace or Facebook with a large amount of friends. So for teens that already have the Myspace setup, this option is very easy to use. Teens then just need to sign up for a site such as Fusion Cash, where you earn $ 1 for every person that signs up and even more money as the person goes on to use the site even more. This is a very passive way of earning possibly a good amount of money. The only time spent doing anything will be writing a blog post about the program, and sending a little sales pitch to look at your blog post. It is possible to earn hundreds with maybe 30 minutes of work.

Article writing can be a very profitable for many teens. When you think about it teens are experts at many things that adults are not. Teens can write articles about their expertise and sell them online for some good money. There are many sites where you can sell articles and product reviews. Teens are the main consumers of many products and peer reviews are most valuable. Not many teens care what an adult reviewer says about the newest technology. Adult reviewers usually don’t care about the product as much as a teen reviewer would. Teens care about what other teens say about the product. This makes writing reviews and articles for money another good option, but one that requires much more work. However, it is a much steadier stream of income. How much you earn depends on how much work you do.

Paid Surveys is another way teens can get their voice heard and get paid at the same time.

There are many companies that send out surveys about current products and even future ideas. This makes it especially cool because sometimes teens will get to look at new products before they even come out. The survey length varies and the pay varies depending on the length of the survey. Doing paid surveys requires work, it is not a ways to make money without any effort, but if work is put into it some good money can be made. While this is a steadier stream of income it also depends on how many surveys you receive. This problem can be solved by signing up for multiple survey sites, so that you get a couple a day. This is recommended anyway, because you will not qualify for every survey you receive in your inbox. To make sure you qualify for at least one a day signing up for at least 5 is necessary. The chance to look at products before they come out is exciting and interesting, which is why this option is a popular among teens.

Blogging requires the most work out of any of these five. However, it can also earn the most money. The place to start is signing up for a free blog at a place like Google’s Blogger. Teens have many different interests that can be used to make a blog. Once a topic is picked to write about, there are several ways you can make money with it. The most obvious is to add banners and advertisements on the side of the blog. The affiliate link that is being promoted on Myspace or Facebook can also be promoted on the blog. Adsense is the most common ad company but because there are so many Adsense ads, internet viewers’ eyes have become trained to just pass over and ignore the ads. One good feature of Adsense is a search box that can be placed on the blog. The search is powered by Google and money is earned for every search. This not only earns money but is convenient for the reader to find old posts. There are also programs similar to the review writing except that the review is posted on the blog rather than on the review site itself. The site assigns a review to the blogger and a fixed amount for every review. The downside is that the article most likely won’t be relevant to the topic of the blog. Many bloggers call it a “sponsored review” which tells their readers that they are being paid to write the post. Blogging is only a good option for teens who want to seriously make money online because it requires so much work to get traffic and write blog posts often. However, once a readership is built up, blogging can be very profitable because of the money earned through affiliate links and advertisements. The upside to blogging, as opposed to Myspace, is that all the people looking at the blog are there is to see the content. If the advertisements are targeted than the people will see ads relevant to them. So the amount of people who click on ads will be greater.

And lastly paid to post which is basically getting paid to post in a forum. This is an enjoyable way to make money because teens get paid to chat with other teens about the stuff they enjoy talking about and doing. The pay is not very high but if discussions are posted everyday a decent amount can be earned.  This requires some work


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