When the internet first became a common site in many households and businesses, it was primarily used for keeping in touch with the people that mattered through email. However, early internet connections, namely dial-up systems, were not only very expensive, but also extremely slow at times, and using the internet also meant that you had to sacrifice the use of the telephone, as it used the public switched telephone network (PTSN) to create a connection to the internet provider (ISP). While Dial-Up internet access is still used throughout the world, the creation of Broadband internet access which gave users a much faster access to the internet, really impacted the way that the internet was used worldwide, and it soon became one of the fastest and most reliable sources for reporting breaking news stories, communicating with friends and relatives across the globe and also for indulging in a bit of retail therapy.

But just how did the internet become so powerful? Well, the answer is surprisingly simple, while technological advances like broadband made internet access much faster than before, the advent of mobile internet technology also made it a lot easier to go online from almost anywhere in the world. There was a time, during the latter years of the last century, that it was impossible to access the internet anywhere other than your home computer, or at a public computer in an internet café, a library or at work. During this time that there was a very clear break between mobile telecommunications and the internet, as phones were used for making calls and sending texts, while the internet was for surfing the web, making purchases and sending emails. But as technology progressed, more and more phones were able to access the internet, which mean that users could take the internet with them wherever they went.

After the technology became available to consumers, a number of sites appeared that revolutionised the face of the browsing experience, such as Facebook, which was unveiled in February 2004, and Twitter which emerged two years later in 2006. Both these sites, although very different, shared the same premise, and that was to allow users to keep in touch with each other via an online source, which later became known as a social network. Now, less than 10 years after both these sites were created, Facebook has 750 million users and Twitter trails behind with 200 million, making both these sites two of the most powerful social networks on the internet today.

The social network boom shows just how far the internet has come from a tool that can be traced back to the 1960s, when a resilient communications network was drawn up for the US military to use for important communication and classified information. Today the internet is used from everything from shopping, to communication, to marketing such as SEO UK, which mean it can be used everyday, and there is so much more for it to achieve.

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