As the effects of the recession play havoc with the worldwide economy, there are around 2.5 million people in UK are out of work. It means that unemployment in the UK is at its highest for fifteen years. Unemployment can be a stressful time as mounting bills and fewer job vacancies paint a bleak picture; even for people with years of experience in the field of work. Fortunately, there are positive ways which can help you deal with unemployment. Thanks to them, you will feel better and get back into work faster as well.

Believe it or not, unemployment is a good time to reconsider your path in life and whether the career you’ve chosen to work in is right for you. A lack of job opportunities can often lead to a career change but also the chance to study and learn a new skill. Take some time to consider all the career paths you’re interested in but previously didn’t have a chance to pursue. Taking on a college course or even going back to university can be a proactive way to deal with unemployment and could even be a blessing in disguise when it comes to a much needed career change.

Should you be made unemployed unexpectedly you may find it difficult to readjust to life without work and copious amounts of free time. While a lack of free time or ‘living for the weekend’ is the gripe of many 9-5ers, the reality of life without work could come as a shock. With this in mind it’s important to behave pro-actively. Make a list of all the things you never had time to do when you were working and start to enjoy them. Whether it’s decorating a room in the home, doing work in the garden or simply getting out and enjoying the countryside more often, embrace your new found free time as a sabbatical that won’t last forever.

Enjoying yourself or learning new skills are great ways of dealing with sudden unemployment but when it comes to the reality of paying mortgages and other debts finding work is top of the agenda. If you are still in employment it’s important to have a safety net ready should you lose your job. A cushion of savings is one option, as is income payment protection. The latter makes sure all your overheads such as credit card bills and loan repayments are kept up to date and paid on time. Having this back-up allows you to take your time when finding a new job and alleviates financial pressures.

Whether you’re currently in or out of work, it’s important to have a back up plan and to keep your options open; who knows what’s just around the corner.

Harvey McEwan writes to make insurance (especially car insurance!) a happier place.

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