Film schools are any accredited institution that teaches or focuses on certain aspects of film making. The schools usually teach both the history of film and hands-on training regarding lighting, camera operation, and editing equipment. For prospective film makers, directors, and even actors, getting into film school is a mandatory step.

Spend your free time researching different film schools. Whether you want to attend one that is far away from your hometown or close by, you should look through their pamphlets and websites. Pay close attention to the types of courses that are offered and the credentials of the professors. You should also determine whether or not the institution is accredited as well.

Work on bulking up your resume. Most admittance committees will be looking for people with the most impressive film experience. Everything from volunteering on a movie set to directing your school play will be appreciated.

You could also write screenplays or short scripts in your free time and hire your friends and family to perform them. Purchase and install a decent editing software onto your computer and use it to refine the videos. Showing potential schools that you are capable of both creative writing and shooting your pieces will be very powerful.

Find out what each school’s requirements are as far as applying. Most will ask you to provide a portfolio of all your completed creative works and others may require that you have a number of hours of experience. As with most other colleges, you will most likely be asked to submit a formal application and pass an interview.

Next, assemble your portfolio. Include all of your completed written projects, from screenplays to movie reviews. These will show admission people that you’re dedicated to learning more about the film industry. You should also include your finished films and videos as well as a list of all your movie related work experience. It may help to have your film projects edited professionally by an experienced friend or family member.

When it comes time to apply, make sure to take the time to write a top notch essay. Yours should both demonstrate an intense passion for film making and explain why you, if accepted, would bring something new to the table. Remember, film schools receive thousands of applications each year, a well written and passionate essay will help yours stand out.

If your portfolio and application essay were good enough, you will hopefully be asked to go in for an interview. College interviews are some of the most stressful experiences a young person can go through, but there are a few ways to ensure that they go well. First, dress appropriately, the easiest way to determine if an outfit is right for a school interview is to pretend you are wearing it to a conservative family member’s wedding. You shouldn’t have to go out and purchase a new dress or suit, just be sure you look professional. During the interview, make eye contact with everyone in the room and speak clearly when answering their questions.

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