Whether you are a single parent by choice or by circumstance, the rules on effective single parenting basically remain the same. Any single parent should use these rules as their guide so that they can successfully raise well-rounded kids.

The first thing to know about effective single parenting is that being one doesn’t mean you have to be alone. Having people to help you and a solid support group you can rely on cannot instantly diminish the feeling of loneliness but it can keep you balanced emotionally and in dire cases, financially. Your family members and closest friends can help you build an atmosphere where your children would never feel that they lack something in their lives – especially love and warmth.

Effective single parenting means separating your feelings of anger and bitterness from your children. If you are dealing with a divorce, remember that whatever happened to you are because of your life choices so do not ever put the blame on the kids. Also, be sure to give them an assurance that it’s not their fault. Kids are very sensitive when facing issues such as death or divorce and your assurance will give them a sense of security.

The challenge of being a single parent means you have to deal with the financial burden of raising kids alone. Effective single parenting encourages finding financial stability while giving your kids their needs. The key here is in making your kids understand that the needs of the family come first and their wants are secondary to this priority. This doesn’t mean you deprive them. Teach your kids to be frugal and learn the value of every cent that comes in. If they can’t have the luxuries they want, teach them to be creative.

Every child loves their parents’ dependability. Effective single parenting would tell you to be a solid rock your children can lean on. Create an atmosphere that would make them feel that they can trust you and that you will always be there to love them. Children grow better when they feel that they don’t have to change themselves just to reach your possibly unrealistic expectations of them.

Many men and women have managed to raise great kids despite being single parents. If you use these tips on effective single parenting, you will find that despite being alone and despite the trials, raising your kids is still a pretty rewarding experience.

Jamie is a freelance writer who enjoys fitness and the outdoors. She loves to make healthy smoothies and juices using her Blendtec Total Blender. In addition to writing, Jamie loves to spend time with her three kids and their two dogs.

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