Everyone can be a physician! Based on the Patch Adams movie, played by Robin Williams, everybody can practice medicine or treat a patient. Welcoming those in need, caring for those in pain, applying a cold cloth to those who have fever, and listening to people in sorrow are easy ways of treating patients. There is a saying that “laughter is the best medicine”, thus a clown who makes people laugh can also be considered as one of the finest doctors! But what makes a licensed doctor different anyway? A licensed doctor of medicine had a formal education in medicine and passed the licensure examination. Same goes for a Certified Medical Assistant. Before using the title Certified, that person must first pass the CMA certification exam for medical assistants.

The CMA (AAMA) is the highest standard in the medical assisting profession. It gives a person an edge when applying in hospitals and clinics. If you want to become a Certified Medical Assistant, here are the steps that you need to follow:

Confirm first if you are qualified by reviewing the CMA (AAMA) Certification/Recertification Exam Eligibility categories.

Complete an educational program for medical assistants. The program must be recognized by the US Department of Education and other supporting organizations. Enrolling in recognized schools and program courses will make you qualified applicant to take the exam.

You may check the list of accredited schools and programs through the website of the Accredited Post-secondary Institutions and Programs of the Department of Education at http://Ope.Ed.Gov/accreditation/search.Aspx.

Furthermore, go to the succeeding website for other details and helpful info: Http://Www.Aama-ntl.Org/medassisting/caahep_prgs.Aspx to know which Medical Assisting schools and programs are accredited by CAAHEP and ABHES.

1. Apply for the CMA examination.

Fill out the form, present the necessary requirements and pay the exam charge.

Within 30days, the Certification Department will be mailed to notify you concerning the status of your application. If you are not able to collect any mail within 30 days, contact the certification division at certification@aama-ntl.Org or through their telephone 800/228-2262.

2. Scheduling appointment

Three weeks before the examination, you will receive your scheduling permit in the mail. Set your appointment date to any day that is convenient for you.

3. Prepare and study for the examination.

Know the exam’s content outline. Read and review the latest clinical and administrative tasks and other relevant facts about the job.

Take practice exams in Medical Terms and Anatomy and Physiology to check if you are already prepared for the actual exam.

Sign up at a CMA Exam review course by an AAMA local chapter or an accredited medical assisting program.

4. Pass the CMA Certification/Recertification Examination.

An official certificate will be given to you, once you passed the examination. You can now add your CMA Certification as part of your documents in your resume. Visit the AAMA website to check the status of your certification.

5. Update your CMA (AAMA) Documentation.

Every 60 months, you will have to recertify your credentials through continued education or examination. Browse online to get the latest information on recertification.

It is important to become a certified medical assistant for the reason that a the title guarantees the competency of a medical assistant. It also makes you one powerful and competitive candidate.

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