Are you looking tired of your current job? Do you want a more fulfilling job? Or maybe you want to have a career in the medical field? You might want to consider being a Certified Nursing Assistant. CNAs or Certified Nursing Assistants provide basic care to patients in hospitals, clinics or other health care facilities. They are in charge of cleaning the rooms and hygiene of the patients. Nursing assistants are also responsible for checking the temperature, blood pressure, pulse and respiration rate. They work under the supervision of a nurse or a doctor.

You need to evaluate yourself first before deciding to become a Certified Nursing Assistant. If you do not want to work with patients, you are not a perfect fit for this job. Certified Nursing Assistants spend a lot of time with patients. They assist people while walking, moving in bed and even when eating. Nursing Assistants also bathe patients and assist them in dressing afterwards. So if you genuinely enjoy helping people, this is a perfect career choice. Kindheartedness, helpfulness and dependability are traits that are greatly needed in this profession. Once you are sure that it is a good choice, you can focus on getting the proper education and training.

To become Certified Nursing Assistant, you need to finish high school or pass GED. If you already have your high school diploma, you can look for a community college which offers Certified Nursing Assistant training. If you do not want the training programs from colleges, you can search for online Certified Nursing Assistant certification. Studying online can give you more time since you don’t have to travel from your home to school. It also means that your schedule is flexible. There are a lot of online training classes to choose from. You just have to select the one that suits your needs. Online programs only cover the theories. For your clinical training and hands-on education, you have to train outside your home. After the training, the next step is to take a state competency exam. You need to pass a written examination and skills test. If you pass the exam, that means you are capable of doing the type of work needed.

This career is very gratifying because you get to help people. The pay is also not bad at all. The income depends on your location and experience. A beginner may earn $ 8 up to $ 10 an hour. For more experienced CNAs, $ 12 up to $ 15 can be earner per hour. There are plenty of jobs available today. If you want a career change, it is now the time to consider taking a Certified Nursing Assistand training program.

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