A CNA (Certified Nursing Assistant) is instrumental to the smooth running of a hospital or nursing home. Certified nursing assistants also work for doctors in their rooms. Compassionate people will do very well in this career choice as they will help patients to not stress while in hospital and they will help many patients to recover.

Other names for these people include health aides, patient care technicians, orderlies and nurses aids. Certified nursing assistants work under the guidance and supervision of registered nurses and work with patients on a daily basis. As these care givers work closely with patients, they are responsible for giving feedback to the registered nurse on each of the patients. Other work includes grooming, feeding, bathing and checking the vital statistics of patients. Patients find that these care givers offer them much emotional support especially if they are suffering from an illness or disease that causes them distress.

Some senior registered nurses are of the belief that the best registered nurses began their careers as certified nursing assistants. Many people use this training as a forerunner to becoming a registered nurse. Before anyone can become a registered nurse, they have to attend training and also pass a certified exam.

A career as a certified nursing assistant is good foundation to advancement within the health care industry. Students will learn all about caring for sick and elderly people. A high school diploma or GED will suffice to gain entry into the training program that lasts for about six to twelve weeks.

Training is normally held at community colleges, technical schools, medical facilities or at universities. Course material includes infection control, nutrition, anatomy and physiology and basic nursing skills. The clinical activities section of the training is the ideal forum for students to obtain much needed hands on experience.

States have different regulations in terms of certification. Most of the training programs do offer a certification exam. Applicants can apply to the National Association for Home care to be able to sit the certification exam. Salaries are based on experience, location and where the care givers work.

A CNA has the option of working in a variety of environments including private homes, assisted living facilities, mental health facilities, hospitals and nursing homes. Prospects for these types of care givers are believed to be very good as there is huge population of people who are ageing at the moment. People without work should consider a career in care giving and find out how to obtain free training so they can get to earn a living as fast as possible.

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