The career of a dental assistant is quite attractive because of the good job prospects as well as the ability of working part time. As you can take up this job as a part time, you will be able to spare time for other activities. Some of the other benefits of becoming dental assistant include on the job training plus comparatively short training program. If you pursue a career as a dental assistant, then you can easily get a job at some dentist office. If you want to become a dental assistant, then the first step would be to complete your high school diploma with focus on subjects like chemistry, biology, office practices and health.

In some of the states, there is no requirement of any formal education or training to take up an entry-level job as a dental assistant. However, for good job prospect you will need high school diploma. If you take up some computer or science related course while completing your high school diploma, then it will be favorable for you. After you complete your training, no matter whether it is an institutional training or an on the job one, you will then have to get a certificate from Dental Assisting National Board.

Most of the states have this requirement. You can obtain the certification by taking up the licensing examination. To pass this test you will have to clear both the practical part as well as the written segment. There are some states, which call for a full-time or part-time experience of at least two years or four years respectively, and can require CPR certification as well. After you meet all the required qualifications of any particular state, where you wish to work as dental assistant, then you can get title like Certified Dental Assistant.

The guidelines given out for the licensure procedure can be different from one state to another. The potential dental assistants should contact the state board of the state where they want to take up a job, and should check out the requirements. When it comes to finding a college, there are numerous community colleges, which offer training programs for becoming a dental assistant. For acquiring the experience and knowledge that is essential for pursuing a career in this filed, you can also take up on the job training programs. Sometimes, this kind of training is required even after you have completed a formal training program.

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