We all love quotes. In daily life we use to share different types of quotes from many websites and books. But every time we don’t get good quotes from the websites. If you go through the quote websites you will notice that they all are similar are all using quotes from different sites. If you want unique quotes then you can visit quoteping. In this quote site you will find many unique and compelling quotes which are not on the other sites.

How to select authors for quotes

It is very simple. If you are looking for love quotes then use poems. Poems attract more. Poet Abhigyan Sharma says that poems are written from the core of heart. They are the best source for quotes. “If you want to send love quotes then I suggest using poem. Also give credit to the poet.” Says Abhigyan. If you want to use famous quotes with authors then its better to visit quoteping. Poonam Verma, a student from Punjabi University says that she use to share quotes daily. “In morning when I wake up, I just use my mobile and share the best good morning quotes from quoteping. In this site you will find different type of quotes which are really cool.”

Select best from the good ones

Selecting quotes is also an art. If you know the theme then you can do it in better manner. Hari Mohan, editor, based at Delhi suggests, “Selecting quotes are just like picking diamonds from the coal mine. I select quotes and polish them. This is my work.

Being in media I have to more focus on it. I have to select daily political quotes of different politicians and in this job I have to be very clear that we cannot make it in our words.” Quote writer Shilpa, based at Mumbai says that quotes are the part of our life. She says, “At least you should know on which occasion and on which theme you are going to use quotes. Sometimes it is difficult to use them.”

Right theme for quotes

You should be very clear about quotes. If you use quotes in wrong way then it makes different meaning. First select that on which topic you want to send quote. If you are going to thank someone then you have to you thank you quotes. From quoteping you can get lots of unique quotes. From this site you can use content. This quote site is best for famous quotes with authors. Explore it and share quotes.

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