Download – Homepage – A Legal Document that allows a person (commonly known as the “Principal”) to allow any person of their choosing (commonly known as the “Agent”) to represent their best interests in any FINANCIAL MATTER legal under the State where the representation is taking place. The General Power of Attorney Form is much like the Durable except for the fact that if the Principal becomes in a mental state of mind where they cannot think for them self, the form becomes VOID IMMEDIATELY. The determination if someone is able to make decisions on their own is decided by a licensed medical physician. The General Power of Attorney Form is widely used among business partners, spouses, and between trusted individuals in the event that they cannot participate in necessary financial duties. Examples include Military Service Men and Women, Jail, Being Out-of-Town, Hospitalization If you or a loved one are in the position where you need someone to act for you because of the risk of Alzheimer’s Disease, Dementia, or any other mental illness that could impair the Principal’s clear thinking, the Durable Power of Attorney Form is highly recommended.
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