A combination of forensic law and medicine is the newer field of nursing called Forensic Nursing. The nurses that have a degree on forensics work hard alongside detectives, crime scene investigators, and other law enforcement officials. They work with detectives to obtain new information that may lead to the conviction of a criminal, treat victims or crimes, and even perform some investigations on the crime scene. One must first become a Registered Nurse or RN before obtaining a Forensic Nursing Degree at an accredited forensic nursing school so that one can become a fully pledged Forensic Nurse. There are programs for Forensic Nursing that can be taken at some general nursing schools that can be taken while nursing courses are completed.


These programs for Forensic Nursing Degree can aid you in both obtaining your degree as well as landing a job that could put food on the table. It is easy to obtain this kind of nursing degree and some programs even allow you to get this degree online. It can provide an easy way for you to obtain your degree, although this is not the case in all instances, because while you are having less long hours at school, you get more time for family and other activities. There are some students who would prefer the classroom environment and go to a Nursing School. They are more able to study in a more structured environment for obtaining a degree in Forensic Nursing but can also be more time consuming during the day.


To assist you in getting internships and information for career locations, taking courses at a nursing school can help you but this is not always the case. Forensic Nursing Degree are extremely essential to have been obtained before choosing a specialization. You as a forensic nurse can specialize in so many fields like rape and sexual assault crimes, correctional nursing, Coroner/Death nursing, and so on. You may be able to get these specializations after you have completed your degree as a forensic nurse and a 2-year specialization program of your choice. There are some nursing schools that may require longer courses to be completed before certification but this is a case to case basis.


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