Losing a job is bad. It means that the terminated employee will not have an income to pay bills and save for the future. It gets even worse if that unemployed person loses their group medical benefits.

We need to look at some ways to get health care and prescriptions when we are out of work. You do have choices, even when you lose your job, but it can be hard to find the best one. The best choice will depend upon your own unique situation, and it will also dpeend upon the resources that are open in your area.

Some employers must extend group medical for several months after an employee is terminated. You may have heard of COBRA health plan extensions before. This may be a good option, and it should be considered if a person or family needs group medical benefits.

However, now the unemployed person has to pay more for their coverage. They have to pay their old employee portion. But they also have to pay the employer portion and an administrative fee. Many terminated employees are shocked at the high bills they get to keep their group medical benefits.

Some individuals or families may have cheaper alternatives. There is a large and active private major medical market. The rates might even be much ess for healthier and younger families. However, private plans may not cover everything that a group plan covers.

Of course, individual health insurers may refuse to cover some people. This could be because of a health issue. This could be diabetes, high blood pressure, or even pregnancy! They may have to look for other options.

Each US state has a plan in place for people who cannot buy individual coverage because of a health issue. It can be a good option for people who cannot get other coverage, but it can also be expensive in some states. There is a new national plan, from health reform, but it has not been put in place everywhere yet.

You should search for your state high risk pool website to learn more. The state website will be able to inform you. They should have information and applications about the state plan. They should also be able to give you details about the new national plan.

People with very little money may be able to get Medicaid. Medicaid is a federal and state program. It is only for people with very little income and almost no assets.

Children and pregnant women may be able to qualify for CHIPS. CHIPS is the children’s health insurance plan for families with low to moderate incomes. The guideliness are not as tight as Medicaid, so it can even help many middle income families.

You may also get some help from a county hospital system. The Partnership for Prescription Assistance runs a website which helps people find low cost or free prescriptions. Their website, PPARX.org, is a great resource to find all sorts of medical help if you do not have much money.

It can be very tough to find the right health care when you lack health insurance. Some options are in place if you know where to look!

Do you know how to find heath insurance plans? Start by learning how to tell the difference between PPO, HSA, or HMO health plans. Then get health insurance quotes so you can compare the policies in your local area. You may also need a low cost dental plan.

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