In order to see things in this perspective, let us take a quick look at the other end of the loan spectrum, where we have the “prime” borrowers. The prime borrower’s people get lower quotes and better terms because of the fact that they have the minimal debt and a good credit rating.

So now, it makes us to understand easily about sub prime, which According to financial experts, there is, no hard and fast rule regarding this concept. As Different personal loan, providers may actually have different criteria that have to be full filled.

We can always talk in generalities; such as an a FICO score of 660 or lower tan that, two or more 30-day delinquent payments in their past 12 months, or one 60-day delinquency in their past 24 months quota, any foreclosure or the charge-off in the past 24 months span, any bankruptcy by the individual in the last 60 months, should have qualifying debt-to-income ratios of 50 percent or higher than that, their limited ability to cover monthly living expenses such as clothing, shelter etc.

If an individual’s happens to fall under the sub prime category, there are other personal loan options available for almost anyone in this present scenario.

However, in the past, you would probably have had to seek out other options that are available to you. Yes, even those who are with bad credit. Of course, we have to realize that these kinds of personal loans would definitely carry higher interest rate, prices, and less desirable loan terms.

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