Starting a transcription business from home could provide you with the income that you want.  There are different types of transcription jobs that you can get into.  You will most likely come across medical transcription jobs at home.  For these kinds of transcription work, you would be required to have medical background.  If you do not have a medical related degree, you will have to go through a medical transcription course either in your local colleges or through online facilities.  You would also have to take a certification examination if you wish to earn the designation of a Certified Medical Transcriptionist (CMT) or a Registered Medical Transcriptionist (RMT).  Usually, an RMT designation is enough to be considered in an entry-level transcriptionist position.  These requirements, however, often discourage those who want to get into transcription work.  Most people who are interested in doing transcription work would really not have the time and resources to take these courses.

Rather than look for medical transcription jobs at home, you might want to look at your opportunities for general transcription.  The process of job searching is the same.  You can either go straight to potential clients who have the need to outsource their transcription work or you can go to transcription companies.  There are advantages to each one of these routes.  When you go straight to potential clients, you are actually able to control your pricing and negotiate for the job specifications yourself.  It is, however, difficult to get transcription jobs through this route if you are just starting out.  You need to build your credibility first to make your potential customers comfortable enough to hire you.  There are some companies would test your skills through a short transcription test.  This will give them an idea of how competent you are in transcription work.  And then, they might give you projects that are more lenient in terms of deadlines.

There are a lot of opportunities in both general and medical transcription jobs at home.  This kind of work from home job does not require you much in terms of capital.  You only need to have your home computer and a reliable internet connection.  As you get used to the system, you can explore investing in other equipment that could increase your efficiency in transcription work like headsets and foot pedals.  Find out how to get online medical transcription training and how to get transcription jobs without specialized training.

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