Teaching jobs will always be in demand, but you will have to take many steps to land a position that suits you. There is lots of preparation and following up that is involved, but it is all worth it ultimately. Listed below are steps that future teachers have to do in order to be in relation to securing jobs.

To begin, you must establish a professional portfolio at the career unit of the university or college which you are graduating from. The folder needs to contain letters of recommendation, transcripts, and documents certifying your teacher status. These critical pieces of your portfolio will be permanently kept on file for future employers to see.

Next, you should put together a statement spanning one page that elucidates your teaching philosophy. In this letter, you must emphasize the preparation you have had to become a teacher, the coursework which you completed, and your classroom methodology. This statement should be handily kept in your portfolio. This will allow you to update it as you apply to more positions in the foreseeable future.

After the above steps are taken, you have to put together a resume. It’s a good idea that you work with your career center to locate examples of other resumes composed by those who are brand new to the teaching arena. On the resume, you have to list graduation dates, courses that are relevant to your area of expertise, specific classes you taught when student teaching, and additional experiences that span out and in of the classroom.

The resume that you compose needs to be with a general cover letter. This letter can be changed for each position that you apply to. In general, you need to specify why you desire to teach at a particular school, your teaching aspirations, and every one of the contributions you could make to a school as a teacher.

Last but not least, and more importantly, you are now ready to start your job search. You should scan your college career department, classified sections of newspapers, job search websites, and all professional networking contacts you are aware. You should apply to every single school in which you’re interested in order to increase your odds of working in a good school district. After this is all done, you should follow up any applications sent out with phone calls to districts that you are applying to.

In conclusion, there are numerous of steps involved with landing a teaching position in an elementary or high school. These include putting together a professional portfolio, writing a professional statement which clarifies your teaching philosophy, composing a resume plus a cover letter, and applying to as many jobs as possible- looking in all possible places.

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