Anybody could easily retire with coins if they take their time to invest in quality coins. What’s required is time, patience, and a winning strategy. You don’t have to worry about a winning strategy because there are known strategies that a lot of investors use. You can use them if you’d like, but you have to make sure that you are willing to be in the game for the long haul.

The first step is to set aside some money each month to buy investment grade coins. Each person will have a different amount of money set aside per month. Just subtract all your monthly bills and see what you can afford. Just pick an amount you feel comfortable with and stick to it.

The next part is to select the coins for your future retirement. This part maybe tricky for the newbie, but you can always buy known key dates when in doubt. The best known strategy is to buy key dates in the highest grades you can afford. This technique has been used for years by a lot of smart coin investors. You should use this strategy or work out a strategy of your own before buying coins. We don’t want to buy any random coin because we run the risk of buying coins that do not go up in value.

The last step is to patiently wait. Coins are known to be more stable investments compared to stocks. But, there are some drawbacks to this advantage. The most obvious is the time disadvantage. Coins are stable investments, but they can take some time to appreciate in value. It’s not uncommon to wait 5-10+ years for your coins to appreciate in value. Normally, they always go up in value on a regular basis. But sometimes it takes a while before we realize some serious gains that we can be happy with. This part is crucial to your portfolio. If you cannot wait, you will end up losing out on future profits.

If you set aside some money but don’t use it all up, just leave the money there for future use. Sometimes the right coin hasn’t showed up yet. Or, sometimes the coin you want to buy costs more money then the amount you put aside per month. So if there’s a coin you want, but can’t afford, try looking for a layaway plan. Or if you do not have a specific coin in mind, just leave the money there so you don’t lose an opportunity to purchase a good coin or a good set for your coin portfolio. Don’t use the left over money to buy just any coin that can be bought with the excess money. A smart investor would wait for the right coin.

If done correctly, your portfolio could easily grow 8%-12% per year. Key dates grow about 9%-11% per year on average. So, if we take this figure and multiply it for 15 years, we can see gains of 120%-150%. This is just the average return for a regular coin portfolio. Many experienced investors realize gains in excess of 50%-100+% per year!

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