Writing a brilliant nurse resume is an artistic task. With a great practice and good creativity you can easily draft a great nurse resume. As the every person has its own unique personality in that same way every nurse resume must be different than each other. A good resume is supposed to help the reader to understand your personality and professional profile. The resume writing is an art which helps you to market your profile which helps you to achieve the place you want to be. There are no formulae or certain rules or pattern that have been set, that can get you the right nurse resume. However, just by following a few tips and guidelines you can ensure that your profile has a professional touch to it.

The main purpose of a great nurse resume is that it is an operative tool that can help you and encourage to face the interview, and that’s something which will be giving you your dream job eventually. The main reason behind people facing constant rejection whenever they apply for a job is that they do not use the right nurse resume. Just like we need a good marketing strategy to promote any brand or product, in the same way candidates must have the good resume format with them to prove themselves in the crowd of number of candidates. A good nursing resume must have the ability to promote your profile to employers and impress them so they can think that only you are the perfect choice for the job. We are talking about Direct Benefits here, which will lead companies and organizations to believe that you are tailor made for the job.

Let’s look at some of the guidelines that adds an edge to your administrative assistant resume

· Avoid adding too much jargon, try to keep your resume structure neat and clean, this would make your resume more visually appealing.

Use shorter lines that are definite and clear.

· Try to create uniformity in your resume. Use your Italics, bullets, bold fonts as well as the fonts itself, well.

· First impression is the last impression, take your resume as an advertisement, you wouldn’t tolerate any errors, would you?

· Your resume must be error free; there would not be any erroneous zones in your resume. Avoid language errors, syntax errors, punctuation errors and most importantly spelling errors.

· Use the perfect logical chronology and specific pattern in your resume. Resumes usually follow the following pattern: Name, address, Email addresses, phone number at the top following the resume with experience, educational qualification, extra-curricular and other particulars and reference would be the last section.

· Your job description would be accurate and in the reverse order. You would have to describe first about your last job. Also write that how you were useful and responsible in your previous organization. Try to avoid the extensive and lengthy statements.

· Always decide a central point of your resume, do not diverge much from it. Use certain powerful words; this will help your resume to be noticed.

Following these guidelines will not just ensure that you have a best nursing resume, but will also help you to leverage your skills and expertise and help you stay ahead of the competition when you apply for a job.

Kevin steven is a professional resume writer.



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