“Only experienced departure, missing valuable to know.” This is the United States and the Shanghai Huang Xiuhong leave the country general manager, took over as chairman of Beijing Eagle Investment Group unveiled again in Shanghai, on a small reunion of friends who do not speak Most also the most emotional words. For outsiders, the sentimental phrase, then mixed with too much meaning, but let us see warmth, variety of Huang Xiuhong.

In Huang Guangyu Investigation because of financial problems, the core capital?? Eagle welcomed the new investment, “Huang” Master. The sources said the United States from China, Huang Guangyu Huang Xiuhong sister has become Beijing Eagle Investment Company Chairman and CEO, and part-time

Gome Policy Committee member. Is Huang Guangyu Huang Xiuhong family to follow their care Gome’s longest, after “sits” in Shanghai, the Shanghai area in charge of the country the work of the United States. At this critical moment, Huang Xiuhong “stepped in” to take over his brother’s “billion empire”, will take on the United States to consolidate the status of the country, revive the image of the Huang family, the burden of defending the family wealth.

“Buddy loyalty” of the woman
2 18, overcast with light rain in Shanghai, Beijing continued to snow, the National US-Shanghai Region 2009 “maintain growth, expand domestic demand,” Enterprise Development Conference and in 2009 to report as scheduled. Nearly 7 o’clock, had carefully dressed, wearing a shiny blue-gray sequin top, bright red trousers Huang Xiuhong finally appeared in the hall. Thank you in complete thoughts on her post, Huang Xiuhong said, “This year the snow comes a bit late, hope this belated love, so that people more in mind.”

Huang Xiuhong smaller than the 4-year-old Huang Guangyu, ranked in the Huang youngest four siblings, there are big brother Huang Junqin, brother Huang Guangyu, Huang Xiaomei HUANG Yanhong under. In 1991, the 19-year-old Huang Xiuhong joined Gome. Huang Xiuhong from a first face of the financial statements of the general financial officers know what to do, and gradually promoted to general manager of Beijing Gome, the country with the United States was the largest competitor Dazhong Electronics grips.

Later, as Shanghai is the country the United States a “weakness”, 2005, Huang Xiuhong was transferred to Shanghai, the country set up a U.S. East China area, and the local maximum

Home Appliances Yongle chain counter. In the country after the U.S. acquisition of Yongle, Huang Xiuhong successful integration into the country general manager of the United States and Shanghai.

As Huang Guangyu Huang Xiuhong and his brother looks exactly like the Shanghai Gome Huang Guangyu within the system called the “Huang,” but said Huang Xiuhong as “little yellow overall.” Familiar with her people say, her character also “tough as capable with his brother, to act speedily and vigorously.”

Come so bold Huang Xiuhong Huang Guangyu able to live up to the trust does not become a favorite Wong Kwong Yu, the most trusted sister. Huang Guangyu, arrested for economic crimes in the police investigation away, the country experienced a brief U.S. adjustment, Huang Xiuhong immediately stepped in to assume the Beijing Eagle Investment Group Chairman and President, while making the Commission into the Gome, officially took over the Wong family “billions of Empire.”

Left Shanghai a few weeks later, they returned to Shanghai in front of everyone, the Huang Xiuhong put away in a tough old capable, vigorous and resolute side, putting the work aside, so that we see a tender, but with “buddy loyalty” of the woman.

Dinner will be casual, and most people have when they gradually leave, Huang Xiuhong being a friend of another or the old men took toast, photo. She may not know partners, employees own eyes how in the end, but her personality and style diversity will continue in the Huang family, “Empire” comes out.

“Little yellow always” stepped in

In November last year, Huang Guangyu detained for alleged economic crimes, after analysis of the industry that once, Huang Xiuhong may be stepped in at the executive vice president Wang Junzhou, vice president of Weiqiu Li 2, “Huang veteran” and Chen Xiao, president of adjuvant, the steering Gome.

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