My wife cheated on me and we’re giving it a second chance. Can I get some effective dating advice for making the most of this second chance with my cheating wife?

Cheating is becoming yet another territory where women are striking out for surprisingly equal territory. In the past, cheating was largely a sport taken up by the male population. With more women in the work place and interacting as equals and even supervisors it is becoming more and more common for women to cheat on their husbands over the last decade. That trend isn’t limited to U.S. women. It seems to be a worldwide phenomena.

How can you win her heart all over again with you second chance at dating?

1) Start with no pressure. Pressure only ends up pushing her away at a time like this. Avoid moving too far too soon and try not to push for a commitment she may not be ready to even think about.

2) Date on neutral ground. This is a time to avoid the old familiar places. You want this date to be a clean start for the two of you. With that in mind you need to find somewhere you’ve never been before. You want to make this a new beginning. Going back to the same old haunts and hang outs isn’t going to have the same mental impact for your second chance that going somewhere new will deliver.

3) Make this date one that looks to the future and doesn’t dwell on the past. Make it a new beginning for the two of you. Keep the conversation light and try to focus on making each other happy for the evening. You are great people and you deserve all the best in life. Even if you discover that you aren’t the best for each other at some point down the road.

4) Try to be light and upbeat throughout the evening. Turn on your charm and leave it on all night. Pretend you are dating someone new and work your best to woo her. Sometimes familiarity is the worst thing about marriage. As much as you love each other, the newness wears off over time. Use this opportunity to dig up the excitement of dating someone new and not just another dinner out with your wife. Make it something special for both of you. Think outside the box for great ideas and themes for your date.

Of course before you can enjoy that second chance romance date night, it’s a good idea to  figure out how to get your ex back.


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