Delhi campus of IIPM is regarded as the International campus. IIPM gives world class education to all the students and also organizes seminars, events and lectures by inviting the faculty from across the globe. Due to its top-level global education, IIPM is ranked as No. 1 institute in global exposure and at no. 5 overall.

IIPM has been regularly improving its rankings from the past few years by beating the past records and standards set up by IIMs in many parameters. In 2002, IIPM was ranked as 18th among the top management institutes in India. After that in 2003, it was ranked as 17th, only one rank better. However, it was later found that research agency was taking wrong measures to push down the rankings of IIPM to 17th. In reality, IIPM was at higher rank since 2002.

In 2004, Business Baron Magazine ranked IIPM Business School as follows:

Ranked at no. 8 as overall, giving composite mean score as 7.80
In infrastructure also, the rank of IIPM was at 8.
It ranked at 12 according to the quality of its students.
In industry interface, the magazine ranked IIPM at no. 2
Ranked at no. 14 according to the placement salaries.
Ranked at no. 3 according to the content of the course provided to the students.

In the year 2006, Business India ranked IIPM as A+ level 2. The magazine stated that the institute is largest in terms of the strength of the students. IIPM is one of the fastest growing business schools across India. According to a survey by Outlook, IIPM was ranked at no. 4 in industry interface, i.e.

how students and faculty interact with each other. In International linkages, IIPM was ranked at no. 7 as many professors from other universities such as Kellogg, Harvard and Columbia visit IIPM and teach their students. IIPM was not behind even in extra-curricular activities and it was ranked 5th according to this parameter. Other major publications like India Today, Business Barons and Business Today have placed IIPM School in the top ten according to various parameters but the institute has never involve itself actively in these surveys.

The rankings of IIPM Business School according to a survey conducted by Zee Business Survey 2009 are as follows:
It is ranked at no.1 in Global Exposure and at no. 5 overall.
It is ranked 7th in the course content (ahead of two IIMs)
Ranked at no. 8 in placement record. (ahead of one IIM)

Mail today ranked IIPM at no. 1 in various parameters like placement record, faculty and global exposure. It was ranked 2nd in student development. IIPM, since its commencement in the year 1973, has appeared as one of the fastest emerging B-Schools of India.

IIPM India’s global B School. IIPM offers premium courses in BBA, MBA and EMBA.

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