The new website has been launched recently by U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) to let the users have an extended access to their case information. USCIS has incorporated a new online inquiry tool in the new website to provide enhanced customer service.Additionally, USCIS has added new features to provide Spanish speaking customers with better customer service.

President Obama commanded U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services to provide its customers with more enhanced immigration customer service. USCIS responded by redesigning the website in 90 days. The new website was released integrating the internal and external stakeholder’s feedback. For the first time ever, USCIS has created its website in Spanish language.

Improvements in the redesigned website:

The redesigned website was launched by USCIS on July 30, 2010, including the four features listed below.

With the new online inquiry tool, USCIS now allows its customers to receive updates on their application status by submitting an e-inquiry to the appropriate Field Office or Service Center. Thus, there is no need for the customer to call up to the toll-free number. Further, in case the Form N-400 or Form I-90 fall outside the posted processing times, customers need not fix an USCIS InfoPass appointment with the local office to get updated on the application status.
Email-notification on the application status that was previously available only in English, can now be received by customers either in English or Spanish.
Process steps involved in checking the case status for every petition or application has been made specific. Thus the process steps are more streamlined. Until the launch of the new website, customers were obliged to pass through seven identical process steps, even though they did not pertain to that particular petition.
Form AR-11 (Change of Address) can now be filed online in English or Spanish through the new

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