As a single mom, you would most likely be thinking of your kids first over anything else and most of your decisions are based on how the outcome will affect your child. You often end up working extremely hard to make ends meet because you have to rely on your salary alone and if you need to support yourself and your child it can put a lot of pressure on you. On top of all that pressure you still have the worry of what will happen in the event that your income is cut short. You would still need to carry on paying for rent each month, you would still need to put food on the table and you would still need to pay for school fees.

All of that is dependent on your income and if you lose that, then you lose everything that it pays for. Search income protection Australia and you’ll find a whole lot of places that offer you the cover that you need. In fact, some of the places specialise in income protection just for women and it is designed to help you specifically where you need it as a single mother. You need to make sure that your policy can cover you with enough time to help you find a job. If you end up getting benefits for two months after you are retrenched and it takes you four months to find a new job, then you could end up in trouble with your creditors and all kinds of bad things could happen to you. The last thing you want is someone coming into your home and taking your furniture away to sell it in lieu of the debts you owe. At least if you have the income protection in place, you can cover most of your monthly debts paid, you can negotiate with all of them and advise them of the situation.

They are usually more than willing to work things out with you, if you are willing to talk to them in the first place. They only start to worry if you try to avoid them and unfortunately, that is the first reaction that people have when they are short on their monthly repayments and it’s the biggest cause of all their problems. It’s important not to let serious debt get in the way of you and your children and you certainly shouldn’t let it jeopardise their future.

Always be prepared for a shortage in income and make sure that you have enough cover to last until the storm has past and you are back on your feet.

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