If you’re a mom in need of some encouragement here’s an inspiring story from my grandmother who was an army wife in WW2. She followed her husband around the country with a baby at the mercy of strangers! www.modernhomemakers.com

Eyes still closed and they are being thrown away. Oftentimes, during a rainy day. Why are people doing this? The kittens have moms, their milk is free and their moms even clean up their mess. All they ask of owners is patience and time enough for them to be able to eat on their own before they are given away. Some people pretend that they are giving you tiny kittens… at times, newborn… as a gift. Well, being as frank as I am, I have told them they are not. It is a mockery of other people’s kindness. Cruel owners (they) just want them to die on caring people so they don’t have to do the burials themselves. I hope people stop being pretentious… the simple reality is, this is cruelty to animals and they are a party to it. Please give them time. If not for their sake… yours. Harming cats and kittens bring a string of bad luck. This happened to me when I accidentally ran over one of my kittens. Also, I have had so many testimonies from people whose acquaintance or neighbor suffered social and financial losses after intentionally killing a cat. If you send them out to die, you have brought the bad luck upon yourself. You don’t need a black cat for that. It is karma.

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