The International Institute of Tantra is a global initiative to bring together different aspects of tantra and make it palatable and accessible to the average individual. Thought its network of tantra practitioners, it uses and teaches the Jade Lotus method of tantra massage to individuals willing and ready to learn it. It taps into each person’s sensuality, and helps them discover parts of themselves that they didn’t know existed or had long forgotten about. The key is the massage itself and how it’s done. The method involves three steps, and these three steps work in conjunction with each other.

The first step involves a full body massage. At the International Institute of Tantra, people learn the Chakra system of the body, gaining a deeper understanding and meaning behind why it exists and its methodology. It is said that cosmic energy flows through the body via the chakras. These chakras control our mental and physical stability. As tantra is all about keeping things in balance, this is very important. The full body massage helps the cosmic energies flow correctly through the body and out of the microcosms from whence they entered.
The second step involves breathing techniques. The

International Institute of Tantra teaches these different tantric breathing techniques to help purify the body with each breath taken, removing the toxins that poison it and find that all-important pathway between mind and body. It is a pathway that many spend years trying to find, but through these breathing techniques, it can be found through intense meditation and breathing. The third and final step involves waking the Kundalini, which is said to reside at the base of the spine. Through the lessons learned in the first step (full body massage) and second step (breathing techniques), the third step combines the first two steps and massages the spine slowly from the bottom upwards, the life force is stimulated and combined with cosmic knowledge.

Once the beginning courses are complete, people who wish to get an even deeper understanding of the concepts can take more advanced classes where the techniques learned in the beginning courses are then applied by the students on the instructor, where even more advanced techniques are learned and practiced. The instructor can feel first-hand where the students need more training and guidance, so they can be the best they can be for their partners later on. The International Institute of Tantra teaches students the fine art of tantric massage in a comfortable setting, and in a way that is easy for them to understand.

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