What are Interview Thank You Letters and why are they important? First thing that you need to consider is in today’s economy you need all the tools, tips and tricks of the trade to land that job as fast as possible. You need to use strategies that will help give you the edge above the rest of the competition in the marketplace.

One of the best things you can do after landing job interviews is to send Interview Thank You Letters to all of the key hiring managers that interviewed you for the job. Why is this important, and what do you need to do? First off, go down to a local stationary store or in some cases a dollar store and pick up a box of attractive business professional looking thank you letters.

Next, after the same day as you have the interview, what you need and must do is write the Interview Thank You Letters. It is important to do this the same day and get them in the mail for a couple of reasons. One is, in the thank you letter itself, you want to express how positive the interview went, followed by briefly mentioning a couple of the highlights of the interview. Keep it short and brief as possible as this is just a thank you letter, not an application for employment.

The second reason for getting this done quickly is that time is of the essence. You want to have your name stick in the minds of all the hiring managers. Sending them Interview Thank You Letters is a great way to do this. When they have ten to fifteen applicants that they are interviewing for, you are going the extra mile by planting a seed in their minds to remember you when the final hiring decisions are made.

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James Mackay

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