If you use the old ways of billing your customers are frustrated with, Peachtree accounting software can help simplify the process. Customer invoice is an essential part of any business operation. This is a client for services rendered or products sold are the process of sending an invoice. Bill the customer a tangible confirmation that the transaction has been completed is returned.

Traditional billing methods involve a number of ways, by hand, a pre-printed invoice to invoice using old-fashioned writing on a typewriter! Is used. Through the file cabinet to look again!

Invoice processing solutions comprise software to allow invoice processing to be seeded up massively. This has a great impact on reducing accounts admin costs associated with invoice processing and also enables companies to make best use of any time critical payment times which may attract supplier discounts.

Add data:

Peachtree you and your staff to easily add new jobs or sales transactions and using simple data entry screen allows you to create invoices. It will keep up with the invoice number, you are sure you will not have to enter them manually. Customers to you, all you invoice for a particular client and allow to see the transaction identification number can be assigned.

Each invoice registers quickly and easily, so it is ready to print or send to the client. And the invoices are stored in your Peachtree software; you can go back and make changes to the bill, if necessary. In this work when a client suddenly requires an order or a refund can change.

Customer Billing:

Advanced features and integration with Peachtree line, you no longer print and mail each invoice. Your customer e-mail so you can create an invoice in Peachtree and then e-mail or fax directly from your software. Paper bill for each customer to be saved not imagine the paper! You credit notes, receipts, quotes, statements and purchase orders that can do the same. Re-entering data, avoid Customer names, phone numbers, addresses, etc. are already in the system.

Simple Billing:

If you monthly, weekly or annual Peachtree need to charge customers, it is not easy. Remember your invoice when customers need to be billed using the billing cycle can be programmed. This means you will not have to follow the schedule your own billing.

Features support for accounting

Peachtree billing is a great feature is that it squares with other accounting software, can be simplified. When a customer’s bill, invoice amount automatically to your account will be added to increase sales and accounts receivable. Sage Software Peachtree MAS90 accounting software, 200 Mass and other software, such as other types of programs is available online. Before you buy, be sure to compare all the features of each program features you need.

Peachtree Quantum, Peachtree Complete, Peachtree Pro including various versions, so it is wise to check all your options before you buy. Peachtree also needs to be available if the training is certified to help you install your software. Consider all you’re billing for the Peachtree!

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