E-business is all about advanced quoting solutions today. With an online transaction which is secure, less complex and done almost instantly the online quoting software solutions should offer delivery methods integrated with latest provider operating throughout the world. Is your business compatible to the latest in shipping methods and instant invoice creation?

The advanced free quote software features available with invoicing software and shipping facilities are as follows:


¨ Setting up minimum or maximum charges for the shipment with the unlimited shipping methods along with automatic UPS shipping charges for proper quote calculation.

¨ Country wise, state and county specific calculation of shipping taxes.

¨ Get the delivery price grid based on weight after successful quote generation through online quoting software.

¨ The product for each of its pieces shipped will be charged separately for the shipment.

¨ Tax exemption for specific customers thus providing special privileges and fair quoting.

¨ Getting the shipping charges and its status.

¨ The list of countries to which shipments shall be delivered, orders already shipped can be removed, searched or viewed. We can also search country which is not added to the list by the search button. Countries not found in the list can be added.

¨ The system provides with shipping method details which are categorized into (a) user defined custom methods (b) online methods.

¨ User defined methods of delivery which the user can add, delete and edit methods. 

¨ Add more modes of shipment into the method used.

¨ The shipping cost category enables businesses to add its price with the quote sent.

¨ In the quote software shipping feature shipments such as FedEx, UPS and USPS can be updated and changed with details such as account number, person’s name, company name, phone no, state etc.

Users can create shipment status corresponding to invoice no and shipment history and in any case, can close ground shipment.


¨ The search Invoice features of the free quote software lets the user search invoices.

¨ We can search order by invoice type, search criteria, payment mode, order status, from date and to date options and amount between options. We can use the combination of two or more options together.

¨ The payment gateway options are numerous with options more than 40 and country wise benefits.

¨  If we click on track we can get the tracking number corresponding to the invoice number.

¨ Search the detail of retail invoices, paid and unpaid invoices specifies their quantities which are then added to the quote to complete the quote software processing and complete invoices are sent to the customer. 

¨ The wholesale invoices are also generated in some cases that are managed in the same way where we can add and search wholesale invoices.

The invoicing system is by and large the most sophisticated. Payments are also made through the PayPal payment system which is the most trusted payment options available throughout the globe. However, if you are not having a PayPal facility in your city then other payment options such as International Bank Transfer, etc. can be made available along with estimation of quality price quotes. The invoice software options for payment involve brings in 40 payment gateway integration taking place in the nick of time.

Arpita Chatterjee is an expert author working out quality articles on quote software for Bahaquote.com deals in online price estimation software that creates profit oriented proposal and submittal package to encourage instant quote generation and approval to open sale of products and services. Visit www.bahaquote.com for quotes software package and feature details.

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