There are several types of pension plans are there. Defined benefit pension plans are one of them. The principle of the defined benefit pension plans is there will be a contract for the employee to get paid a part of their salary right after their retirement which is unique among several retirement plans in the United States which is also known as defined contribution plans. These defined contribution plans includes tax benefits for the mentioned savings accounts. If there are any additional fund in such accounts will be subjected to the rules of the Islamic inheritance. The defined benefit plans are considered as a great incentive for the people who are working with the public companies for years. The employee gets paid a pension amount till their death after their retirement from such companies. The contract of these pension plans ends if the person die. The contract of these plans is to provide the pension for the employee till his or her death.

Mostly the decision to receive the pension mode will be considered at the time of the retirement. Many options are there including benefits for the life partner of the person. They can get the pension amount periodically or they can get the whole amount right after the death of their spouse. If the retired employee lives for a long time then he or she can receive the pension amount periodically. If the retired employee died within the contract period of the pension plan then their spouse will get the whole amount.

When it comes for the Muslims, most people have the doubts whether their spouse can get the pension amount for their lifetime rather than getting the whole money at the time without going against the rules muslim wills.

Yes, it is possible for them to receive the pension amount without going against the islamic will and testament, also it is confirmed by Islamic scholars. According to their laws of Muslim inheritance the spouse can receive the pension amount till their lifetime and it does not meant for breaching out the islamic inheritance rules.

If you too have the same doubts concerning the retirement pension plan with the muslim wills, there is no need for you to get confused against the islamic inheritance rules. You can add your spouse as the beneficial person right after your lifetime to receive the pension amount. You can take care of your spouse and children with other belongings and at the same time you can follow the rules of islamic will and testament.

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