Jacksonville, Florida is the largest city in the United States, with a population of over 1.3 million. The city’s proximity to the St. John’s River and to the Atlantic Ocean fosters Jacksonville jobs, development of the industries within, making Jacksonville an important North America hub for automobile imports, transportation and distribution. Jacksonville’s economy is centered primarily on industries such as distribution, finance, biomedical technology, consumer goods and services and the manufacturing sector.

The city is a necessary port of entry and boasts an airport, ship yard repair businesses and freight handling facilities. The most widely recognized companies in Jacksonville are: Bank of America, Johnson & Johnson, HCA, Medtronic and Starbucks.

Best places to work in Jacksonville
Within the city of Jacksonville, the trends in employment favor the Management sector, the Sales and Service sector and even a small percent of entrepreneurs. Companies like Johnson & Johnson, Medtronic and Starbucks are leading the competition in terms of remuneration and employee benefits. Job trends in Jacksonville show that the most popular jobs in Jacksonville are in the fields of occupational therapy, physical therapy, barista jobs, shift supervisor jobs and business analyst positions.

According to ‘Simply Hired’, the industries that currently hiring in Jacksonville include Computer Equipment Manufacturing companies, PC manufacturers, Compute Storage Device Manufacturers and Food Service Contractors.

How to find a job in Jacksonville
With the advent of technical advancement, the internet provides a simple and effective method in obtaining employment. Jacksonville Jobs provides an easy, user friendly guide for first time PC users. The site provides the latest job listings for Jacksonville, as well as the criteria for obtaining the job, the prerequisites for the job, i.e. the required qualifications, the hours of work and even enables the job seeker to apply online without hassles.

Remuneration Government data suggests that the basic mean income for Jacksonville workers is $ 35,948 for entry level positions while middle to high income earners receive $ 44,173 per annum. Within the transportation sector, salaries range from a low of $ 32,334 to a high of $ 152,281 annually. For law enforcement, salaries range from a low of $ 23,298 to a high of $ 88,088.

Salaries rise depending on the level of education attained. Florida State College employees receive an income of between $ 44,088 and $ 88,464 per annum. The low end of the income bracket goes from $ 8,320 to $ 25,000.

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