Considering the rapid growth in the pharmacy industry lately, the outlook is quite promising for those looking to become a pharmacy technician. Today, it is very much clear that it is the helping hands of the pharmacy technicians who are mostly running the store. The job duties of pharmacy techs today are much different than it used to be years back.

With the introduction of these technicians, health care costs have become a lot more affordable because technicians are able to manage the minor tasks which was once carried out by the pharmacists themselves and the pharmacists are able to pay more attention to the important duties. But, the job duties of a pharmacy tech depend on the kind of experience he has and the type of pharmacy he is working in.

For example, if the pharmacy is large, the job duties will be more. Technicians who work in hospitals will perform different tasks than those who are in the mail order fulfillment department. Moreover, technicians working in hospitals, nursing homes and care facilities have to carry out additional duties than those in other arenas.

Generally, pharmacy techs perform these duties:

– receiving prescription orders

– counting pills

– creating prescription labels

– pouring, weighing and measuring medications

– selecting the right prescription container

Once the prescription is filled and labeled, the technician will price and file it. Then a licensed pharmacist checks the prescription and then it is forwarded to the patient. There are also other non-medical related duties which the technician is required to perform. These include:

– filling insurance claim forms

– completing cash register transactions

– maintaining patient profiles

– answering phone calls

– taking inventory of medication sold over the counter

– becoming aware of new medicines and their availability

Also, the pharmacy technician may advice patients regarding their health and diet requirements. For this reason, in a number of companies and hospitals, these technicians are supposed to be certified.

The job duties of a pharmacy tech vary and if you are looking to become one, it is important that you complete your training and pass your certification. You should not think that you may only be able to find such jobs in your local area. Pharmacy techs can work in various different types of jobs including hospitals, pharmaceutical companies, medical centers and armed forced. Once you have completed your pharmacy technician training and certification, you will be able to undertake many different roles.

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