Everyone is in need of extra money and this includes kids. We all know that most kids still depend on their parents for their financial needs but most often what they get from their parents is not enough. Of course, their parents provide more than enough for their basic needs and school expenses but we know how kids are. There are always things they want to buy and only spoilers as parents would succumb to their children’s every demand. This is also a way for parents to teach their children more discipline as they will be forced to look for their own jobs.

Before, teenagers could only be small store attendants, dog walkers and babysitters but today, so many doors have opened for them. Because of the advances in technology, teenagers can now earn money from the Internet. Even 14 year olds could get jobs because of this. Since most companies primarily sell products for the youth, it just makes sense that they need the opinion of the said market before they could finally release their product. This paved the way for paid online surveys. A lot of adults are now making money from this and this is also open for teenagers as their opinions also matter as consumers.

For teens in need of money, all they have to do is search on Google for legitimate paid survey websites, sign up using a different email address as your inbox may be filled with scams and start answering surveys. Some companies pay as soon as the survey gets finished while some pay twice a month. There are a lot of jobs for 14 year olds online. Just make sure to research first to avoid getting scammed by fake survey websites. As long as the website does not require you to pay in order to become a member, that is fine.

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