Quite a few of my friends are out of work. Looking for jobs during a recession is not only tiring, it can be down right depressing. 

 So I have come up with a few ideas to help the process. I’ll put them in a list form with descriptions as to how I would handle each item.

Get up each day as if you had a job. Recession or not, there are jobs out there and you need to stay in the rhythm that they will require. This will also keep your focus sharp. This is no time to slack.
You have the time now so get out and exercise. Exercise will keep your body in shape, your mind alert, and will support and boost your immune system. You don’t want to be sick when you land that dream job!
Looking for jobs during recession times must be approached with the attitude that this IS your job. How did you do the other work you had? Half baked? I think not, so get on this like you would any major account.
Log your efforts! Keep them in a notebook, on a clipboard, in your Outlook calender, on a timecard; it doesn’t matter. You’ll be able to look back and see your progress, see your efforts on paper. Hey! You can bring that out when somebody asks what you’re doing about finding a job during this recession.
Find time for recreation. I know, I know, no work – no money. Well who says we have to go out and buy fun? Go to the park, the beach, a hiking trail. The most you’ll spend is parking money. Look, recreation is a time to allow for the re-creation of YOU! And in a sense, looking for jobs during recession time IS recreating you.

Jobs during recession times are tough to land, no question about it. My points are meant to help you get and stay prepared for the job when you land it. 

And you will land it!

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