Boy, you thought giving birth was tough!

How about finding a legitimate way to make money from home? It’s a whole new experience isn’t it?

As a successful Internet marketer, most of the requests I get are from stay at home moms that just want to find an honest way to make money from home so that they can be there for their family. It makes sense and especially today with the World Wide Web, staying at home and making a second income couldn’t be easier.

Finding that one legitimate Home Based Business Opportunity doesn’t have to be as painful as you think. Follow these simple guidelines to identifying those take your money and run scams. *Hint * About 95% of Online Opportunities Don’t Deliver What They Promise and they will fall into one of these categories! Here are the top 8 Components of a Home Based Business Scam:

Someone promises to put people under you to start making money right away
They Promise That You’ll Get Rich Quick and Work Less Than 20 Hours a Week
You Can Shop Your Way to a Fortune (mystery shopping is legit, but you will not make a second income from it)
Taking Surveys Can Net You Thousands (again, some sites are legit, but you can do the same thing for free and you will NEVER make a second income from taking surveys)
Typing Your Way to $ 1,000’s ( No, No and No! This is one of 3 types of Scams)
Data Entry (again, another type of scam that can actually cost you hundreds of dollars before you even know what happened)
Chain Letters (Especially the Oprah Pay-Pal One–ladies these ARE ILLEGAL)
Get Paid to Read Emails (some are legit, but most are complete rip-offs though you will never make a second income or come even close!)


I think the scariest part of looking for Jobs for Stay at Home Moms are the sales pitches on some of these websites.

You might have just read the above list and thought But…I saw this one and it seemed like such a good opportunity. I guarantee you there is someone that is making money from these types of programs, it is the person or people who owns them, Not the customer.

Perhaps dispensing with the first myth might help a lot of moms. Working out of your home is just that, work! And you are kidding yourself if you think it isn’t. Of course like anything else, the more proficient you become at something the less time you spend doing it. And true, some jobs for stay at home moms are easier than others.

There are actually several types of legitimate ways to make good money from home. The first is if you have your own product or service, the next is becoming a Network Marketer or Multi-Level-Marketing, and the third is working online. Before you look for any work at home job ask yourself some tough questions about the type of person that you really are.

Some people absolutely have to interact with others and get recognition for their achievements. If you are this type of person, then the first two choices would be better options for you. If you like to work on the computer, don’t need physical interaction with people then, and aren’t motivated by recognition, then working online could be just the ticket for you. Either way, decide which type of work you want to do from home and start paving your way to that second income.

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