It wasn’t too long ago that there were not many opportunities for stay at home moms to make money. Sure they could babysit. Maybe clean somebodies home. Telemarketer maybe. But that was really it. Times have really changed though because there are a lot of options for jobs for stay at home moms and many of them are inside the network marketing industry.

The internet has opened up a new way for stay at home moms to make some extra money. From the comfort of their homes they can now make part-time money, a full time income and even those incomes you only dream about making. All of this because of the internet and network marketing.

Network marketing has been around a long time and more and more stay at home moms are taking advantage of it. Network marketing offers many advantages for the stay at home mom. The biggest is being able to work around a very hectic schedule. If there are young children at home it can be a challenge to find any time to pursue a career or a business. There are many network marketing opportunities that allows people to make money by only putting in one to two hours a day.

Now I have been talking about jobs for stay at home moms but most network marketing or multilevel marketing companies let you build your own business not just a job. And there is a big difference between the two. When you have a job, you get paid for what you do. When you have a network marketing business you get paid upfront for what you do and then you also get paid residual income on what your business makes. That is a huge difference.

Stay At Home Moms Business Opportunities

Multilevel marketing provides you with the opportunity of starting your own career.

There are many different business opportunities for you to take a look at. You can find some that sell beauty products, health products, cleaning supplies and many other different products. Or maybe you will look for one that provides a service like maybe a wireless phone service, a computer repair service or maybe even booking your vacation service.

The key is to find a company that makes sense to you. Make sure the company is a strong company with ethical leaders. Do your research and then jump in with both feet.

The best part of being in a multilevel marketing (MLM) business is having the convenience of working from your home. Most of these businesses allow you to fix your own schedule around your already hectic life. You can achieve a very rewarding career by properly organizing your time between your household tasks, your children schedules, and your MLM activities.

The network marketing industry is not a get rich quick industry. In your research if someone tells you that you can get rich overnight make sure you put on your running shoes and get away from them. If you are in the correct business, by working consistently for 2 to 5 years you should be able to build a business that creates residual income that allows you to reach all of your goals and dreams.

Now remember you are looking for a business not a job so there are some start up costs. But these costs usually are pretty minimal. Most costs to get started will be around $ 300 to $ 1000 and maybe even higher. And to tell you the truth if someone talks to me about building a business that will let me earn enough part-time money to make it worth my while and it only costs $ 10 to start, I think I would move on pretty quick.

Mark Nelson is an entrepreneur who, along with his wife Nancy, uses greeting cards to help grow his business and build residual income. To learn how to get your business exploding and build residual income please check out Mark’s personal Training Site!

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